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No, Henry Cavill Is Not 'Too Young' to Play The Witcher
16 HRS AGO - Some fans of the video games say Geralt of Rivia should be more grizzled.
Oscar Isaac Says 'Dune' Movie Will Be 'Nightmarish' in a Good Way
1 DAY AGO - The 'Star Wars' actor describes Denis Villeneuve's vision as a "visceral" take on the source Expand
Adam Sandler Is a Lovable Piece of Trash in 'Uncut Gems
2 DAYS AGO - You would hate to know a guy like Howard Ratner. But you'll love to watch him.
How Star Wars-Hating Comedian Bill Burr Got His ‘The Mandalorian’ Role
2 DAYS AGO - The stand-up star finally shows up in the show's sixth episode.
How Horror Master Jason Blum Keeps in Killer Shape
4 DAYS AGO - The producer behind Get Out and The Purge series keeps his body and mind razor sharp with intense Expand
Quentin Tarantino Is Teasing a Third ‘Kill Bill’ Movie With Uma Thurman
4 DAYS AGO - He's doing a play and a five-episode TV series first, but says the sequel is "definitely in the Expand
Ryan Reynolds' New Netflix Movie Includes a Pretty Great Goof
15 HRS AGO - A mishap on the set of action thriller '6 Underground' put Ryan Reynolds in two places at once.
That Isn't Always Pedro Pascal Under The Mandalorian's Helmet
1 DAY AGO - Bryce Dallas Howard, who directed Chapter 4 of the Disney+ show, just dropped a bombshell.
Adam Driver Used to Eat a Whole Rotisserie Chicken Every Day, Which Feels Right Somehow
1 DAY AGO - Back when the actor was at Juilliard, he'd walk around campus gnawing on a chicken, which is just Expand
The Mandalorian' Strongly Suggested That Mando Has Sex
2 DAYS AGO - Helmet on or helmet off? That is the question.
Zach Galifianakis' Height, Family and Net Worth
3 DAYS AGO - Curious about Zach Galifianakis' height, movies, and wife? Read on to find out everything you want Expand
Watch This Bodybuilder Go Bouldering with a Professional Climber
3 DAYS AGO - Jujimufu pits his raw strength against Magnus Midtbø's technique.
6 Things You Didn't Know About Adam Driver
4 DAYS AGO - We know the 'Star Wars' star spent two years in the Marines, and that he hates watching himself on Expand
Tom Ellis Explains That Surprise Lucifer Cameo on ‘The Flash’
4 DAYS AGO - The actor kept his involvement in the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover event a secret for Expand
John Cena Just Wants to Be Himself and Put Out Good Vibes, Man
16 HRS AGO - He says authenticity and a positive attitude have been the keys to his success.
These Super Burpees Actually Make You Stronger
2 DAYS AGO - Level up your burpee to do more than just burn fat.
You Might Recognize 'Mandalorian' Actress Natalia Tena from 'Game of Thrones' and 'Harry Potter
2 DAYS AGO - She's the first to appear in all three massive series: 'Star Wars,' 'Thrones,' and 'Harry Potter.
Micro Gainz Review: Fractional Plates for Weightlifting - The Modest Man
3 DAYS AGO - In this hands on review, we look at Micro Gainz, a company that makes fratcional weight plates for Expand
Why Nike Made a Shoe Just for HIIT
3 DAYS AGO - Nike's Air Zoom SuperReps sneaker will help you own the group fitness circuit.
Richard Jewell' Is Getting Dragged for Depicting a Female Reporter Trading Sex for Information
4 DAYS AGO - The Clint Eastwood movie is based on a true story, but critics are accusing it of playing hard and Expand
Fight Off Achy Shoulders With This Activation Workout
5 DAYS AGO - Balance out push-heavy workouts with this back and shoulders activation session.
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